Do you know what’s lurking in your trash bin?

Trash Bin Cleaning

Does your trash can smell even after it’s been emptied? Most people don’t realize all the bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can build up over time in their cans. Reduce the stink and remove this harmful buildup by contacting CanCleaners. We will clean, sanitize, and deodorize your cans!

Our Services

Keeping your cans clean has never been easier! With our unique mechanical system, your cans will be inverted and the inside will be sprayed with 200℉ water from a 360 degree nozzle that delivers 3000 pounds per square inch of water pressure! We then spot check each bin to make sure they are completely clean and sanitized.

If you live, or own a business, in the Dane County Area and would like to eliminate the disease causing parasites, bacteria, and viruses living in your trash cans, CanCleaners offers the subscription bin cleaning services you need!

Services run from April to September of each calendar year.

1 Time

1 Cleaning
 $120 Annually


3 Cleanings
For $250 Annually


6 Cleanings
For $325 Annually

Each cleaning consists of washing, deodorizing, and sanitizing (2) bins.
(Typically, 1 Trash bin & 1 Recycling bin) $25 for any additional bins.

Bofore photo of dirty garbage bin
Bofore photo of clean garbage bin

Custom Quote

Have different bin cleaning needs? Our team can help you create a custom bin sanitation schedule! 

Service Area

The map below shows our current service area. We work outside of this area too with a modest travel charge.
Please contact us for more information.